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[Nov. 7th, 2011|06:37 pm]

They've gotten tents and food though there are still a lot of things they need. Many people on the street have emotional problems or drug dependencies, all of which are, to the best of my knowledge, going untreated. Another tangible benefit they're getting is some strange form of protection. One of the homeless people I met said that the police would usually wake him up two to three times a night and make him move -- which I can't imagine.

That said, the noise level here is so high (drum circles at 11:00 pm, fights, people talking, playing music, etc.) that people get woken up a lot anyway by their neighbors.

While the city's letting people camp they can have tents, which means they can have stuff like lots of blankets and a sleeping bag, because they have a place to keep it. That's going to go away when the tents go away.
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