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[Nov. 7th, 2011|10:02 pm]

Philadelphia sounds a lot like Portland in that both cities are trying to work with the Occupy folks and are letting them camp out in city parks. Our Occupy folks are, maybe, trying to do too much at a time, and have become a place not only for political discourse, but also for open prostitution and drug use. They want to help everyone that shows up, but they seem to be tolerating too much criminal activity and damage to the parks. Vandalism and shoplifting have gone up in the area. Also, a large contingent of rats have moved in because they aren't too well-versed in sanitation. However, the rallies and marches have been generally peaceful, there have been no tear gas and beatings, and the few that have been arrested are generally back out on the streets within an hour or two. This is a big pack of folks with no designated leadership, and for the most part has been working okay. We're getting into the cold, wet weather here, so I don't know how long this can reasonably last.
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