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Sports Related Injury: Update II [Mar. 6th, 2013|06:27 am]
kyle cassidy
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |rain rain]

So, on Monday I went back to the doctors and sat around in a waiting room filled with people in walkers for a few hours. They sorted out the left and right sides of my body and I got into the x-ray room where a very pleasant woman showed me the fancy wireless digital technology that let xrays be beamed from the receptive plate right to a computer (but apparently does not have the ability to email images -- they burn them to CD). The whole procedure, including the x-ray camera chit-chat took 90 seconds.

So, hopefully my doctor is looking at my x-rays and figuring out what is wrong. In the meantime, she presciently put me in the que for an MRI and visit to a foot ankle specialist -- which is good because the swelling has not gone down after five days on anti-inflammatories.

That is all the news from Lake Woebegon.

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