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The Pool [Mar. 15th, 2013|12:48 pm]
kyle cassidy
[Current Location |THE FREAKING DESERT]
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[music |someone is playing the BeeGees. It's not me. ]

I can't walk past the swimming pool without looking to see if something's in trouble. It's one of my OCD behaviors I guess. So I'd occasionally halt the shoot yesterday to fish something out that was struggling and move it to the concrete to hopefully dry out and fly away. A large number of them did, but this morning There were four in the pile that hadn't made it. I decided to take on a portrait project of the bugs that didn't make it. Seeing them up close makes them seem more significant to me.

I took this with the Panasonic GX1 and the 45mm Leica macro lens, and an off camera flash in a really small softbox.

I'm weird, I know.

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