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Harps harps harps [May. 11th, 2013|09:43 am]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

At and Undisclosed Location with Elizabeth Hainen, principal harpist for the Philadelphia Orchestra, Kimberly Rowe harpist & editor (for twenty years now) of Harp Column magazine & trillian_stars.

We are performing teh awesomez. You actually kinda wish you were here.

More to come.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Kimberly, Elizabeth & Trillian. Clickenzee to Embiggen!

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[User Picture]From: lois2037
2013-05-11 10:50 pm (UTC)
Yes, I do wish I were there. I have wanted to play a big concert harp since I was about 4 years old and saw my first Marx Bros. movie. And your first photo discloses the location! But... I'll just have to stay here and enjoy our lovely Portland weather.
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[User Picture]From: lawbabeak
2013-05-13 01:15 am (UTC)
I know where you are. But, then, I came up out of that subway station almost every day for three years.
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[User Picture]From: maehymn
2013-05-20 01:27 am (UTC)


HI! I'm curious about what brand umbrellas and light stands those are? I've been reading some reviews of different ones at B&H and haven't settled on a particular one yet. Some of them seem really flimsy. Have you had good luck with these? Thank you!
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2013-05-20 12:44 pm (UTC)

Re: Lightstands

hola -- i put that info in today's post about the neil gaiman cover shoot for the philadelphia weekly, i used the same stuff here. rock on.
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[User Picture]From: maehymn
2013-05-20 07:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Lightstands

Thank you so much! \m/
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