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Yesterday at work i started to feel sick. a little sore throat at 2:00, and then by 4:00 i was so sick i wasn't sure i could make it home, it crossed my mind to just go to sleep there. but i forced myself out the door in a haze, i made it home and crawled into bed, sweating and shivering, my brain cooking. i curled up into a ball and tatiana came and nestled down behind my knees and a moment later, milla folded herself into a ball, pressed up against my stomach. i had an overpowering feeling of warmth and comfort i don't think i've ever experienced before. in the fog that wafting through my head, it actually crossed my mind that i might die, but at that moment, i didn't really care, it suddenly seemed as though everything was right.

and then of course, i flopped around in a freezing sweat all night, burning up and perspiration running down my back and face, and every time i moved an inch, it felt as though someone had dumped a bucket of freezing water on me. mr hugs joined the brigade of well-wishers.

_christylynn_ made me soup and tea, and by 11:30 this morning i was able to get out of bed. tatty and i watched "it came from outer space" which we discovered was the origion of the sample "did you know that more murders are comitted at 92' farenheight than at any other temperature?" -- goth points for recognizing that.

then we (me and tatty) removed our old 1950's vintage thermostat and put in a computer controlled one, made soup, tea, we're going to watch Vampire next. I can walk from the bed to the couch, but not much more than that.

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