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we went to two garden parties this weekened, a political fundraiser in n.j.:

and one in Villanova, thrown for Marjorie Ngaunje, a Member of Parlament from Malawi, the warm heart of africa. Ken Smuckler was there -- the political consultant. I'd seen him give the most fascinating lecture about five years ago about how to target a specific audience who was disbursed through a larger geographic area (Women republicans over 40 in West Philadelphia, for example) without the message getting to anybody else. It was amazing.

Malawi's a great place to vacation. They speak english, you don't need a visa, you can hike Nyika Plateau, or watch hippos and rhinos dwadle around in Liwonde National Park. It's cheap too.

if i wasn't such a fraud, i'd be starting to feel like a jet setter.


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