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Spent a very metal weekend with
Michael Harris, John Macaluso, Randy Coven, and Vitalij

doing photos for Vitalij's new album, Revenge. It was teriffic fun. They picked me up in a huge limo and we drove out to the recording studio in Reading PA, a really lovely place smack in the middle of nature. We spent some time goofing off, and did some studio photos, and then I did some casual shots of them working.

Vegetarian breakfast in Reading consists of toast. I lived on Wawa fruit cups.

I was really impressed with Michael, not only is he a really top notch shredder, but he's so quiet and polite, always smiling, always happy. There was plenty of down time to have some relaxed conversations about music. John was very funny, had great stories about life on the road.

They're going to be in reading working on the record together for a week, then seperately for however long it takes. Vitalij had already laid most of it out with keyboards playing the guitar, drum and bass parts, even that was really impressive. As Vitalij is fond of saying "It will be keellar!"

more photos of my nutty weekend to follow, i'm sure.

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