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buy a mr. hugs button!

city kitties is a west philly group of volunteers helping stray cats find people.

In their on-line store they are selling a button of mr. hugs.

They accept paypal and you can buy one for $1.50 (they refuse to charge more, but please give what you can -- _christylynn_ and i gave them $50) to help city kitties keep their stray cat collection in food and litter, or you could be a wonderful wonderful person and adopt a kitten in need of a home in which case I will buy you a Mr. Hugs button.

their featured kitty at the moment is tofu!

who just got done having eight kittens. poor baby. take her home. give her some love.

there's also a scrunch button. you need one of those too. AND, for a paltry fee, they'll design a button for your favorite west philly stray.

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