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star spotting

so i was just at the computer connection buying an electronic cheese grater, and there's a guy in front of me in a rumpled brown suit who i could swear was Michael Eric Dyson. he was buying four ipods and four reams of paper. i thought to myself: "Michael Eric Dyson does not buy his own paper. it can't be him." then i thought: "he is wearing a business suit in 93' weather. Michael Dyson would do that because he's sophisticated." then i thought: "Michael Dyson probably wouldn't come to a store to buy four ipods either, he'd probably just have someone else do that too." then he paid for his iPods and said to the cashier: "Thank you, my friend." in a voice just like barry white's. and i thought "that's Michael Eric Dyson". He walked out the door. I said to the cashier: "That was Michael Eric Dyson, wasn't it?" "Yup," he replied, "it sure was."

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