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this is the best fan letter i've gotten in months! in response to my article "letters from bucharest" on the Spirit of Romania travel site. me and george bush, workin' together to make people love america!

From: Tzutzu Mihaitza <>
Subject: HEY !!!

+i was browsing the internet when i saw a picture that intrigued me... and with
+it came an article... i started readin and was about my countri your vizion...nothing else i had ever read made me more sick.... u'r
+another FUcking american that dosen't understant nothing about a foreign
+country...u only put pics about the streets kids and AUROLACI....U MOTHER
+FUCKER Romania isn't only aurolacs and homless people...And americans have
+homeless people..U STUPID FUCK.... i hope u read this and the next terorist act
+hope to happen at your house....U PIECE OF SHIT ..... FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKIN
+COUNTRY... U LOOSER ... PUT U'r frineds Ron and Sue Bates to translate this :
+Bagamias pula'n mata de cacat spurcat american.Fututi neamu matii si toti copii
+in cur pana se caca imprstiat slobozimas pe mormantu familiei tale.

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