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so guess who's living in my basement?

being the handy man that i am, today i decided (in a way reminiscent of tristram shandy's father) to fix a light switch that has been broken for ... about seven years. one of my roommates had, in a drunken stupor, fallen against the wall and sheered the switch off inside the faceplate. the bakalite turned to dust. and with no way to turn the light on so that i could flip breakers to see when it went off, i was just content to use a floor lamp. for most of these years i didn't live in that room anyway, so it was all fine. i realized that in order to fix the light, i'd need to get a voltage tester and figured they cost about $40 and i'd use it once. well, imagine my suprise when i found that voltage testers can be got for $2.50. so, i went in the basement (this is the point of the story) to flip off all the breakers and when i get into the corner, there's a rustling and i look down to see .... THE CUTEST LITTLE BABY OPOSSUM! he was about the length of my foot. he waddled out from under a pile of wedding dresses and sat in the middle of the room staring at me. i turned off all the breakers, went upstairs, used the voltage tester -- no electricity (yaay), ripped the old light switch out, put a new one in, went back down into the basment (petted the cute dumb little baby on the head), turned the breakers back on, went upstairs ... and ... for the first time in seven years (not seven days mind you) said "let there be light!"


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