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so i just noticed this comment in my portfolio which i rarely look at:

Ralph Leue, June 11, 2005; 09:10 P.M.
Odd photos. Can't really say anything good about them. I am amazed that some people like them... or have anything good to say about them. However, the fact is most people have no real talent or skill and fail to see that lack in others (even when it is presented so clearly as you have done here). If you, or anyone else, doesn't like what I've said, I should remind you that this is a free country, you don't have to like what I said, and I don't have to like your "art."

(emphasis mine)

now how can he not like anything in there? comeon ralph! not my john kerry picture? not my dull portraits?! not my noctilux crowd pleasers??! my romanian photojournalism???! DID MY MOM TELL YOU TO POST THIS?!

but then, ralph only has about five photos in his portfolio, one of which is this....
Tags: cannibalism, fan mail, photography

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