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more food. sorry folks.

khrystabelle emailed me yesterday with a very demanding message that i invite her over to play with wiggles and that i also make her dinner. in the past when i've made her dinner, she'd usually look at it, make some comment like "what the hell is that slop?" and order a pizza. so i was on my best food making behavior. jennifer, my editor at Videomaker mentioned yesterday afternoon that she liked the looks of the stuffed mushrooms on my web page, which got me thinking about what was wrong with them. so ... into the mix comes lots of garlic and sauteed chopped spinach and a secret mushroom sauce, served on a tomato slice. i was very freaking pleased with myself. khrystabelle and yags (who came over to work on his new digs) were pleased as well by it's bite sized goodness. i think.

keyboard maybe working a little better today. i'm learning to use the mirrors to find the slash key when i need it. image editing with this mouse probably isn't happening, but i was pleased to discover that when i plugged my old mouse in, they both worked.

anybody out there use a graphics tablet? maybe that's what i need.
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