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hungry hungry

i'm in an evil funk because this weekend collapsed on me. i had extensive plans, great plans! really! and then the rug got pulled out and, well, you're left with what you can make of the pieces. ultimately though, i think what you make out of those pieces shows your mettle.....


i finally got a chance to meet Hungry Lucy last night at dracula's ball. i had a great shot planned out but everything ran late and we had to improvise.

their cd's been in the player for weeks now. it's quiet trip-hop. they were very plesant people, i found they were big fans of Daughter Darling, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Faun Fables, and Collide. we had a swell time. right now they're recording with Carfax Abbey.

I'd never seen (or actually heard) The Last Dance before, but I must say I enjoyed it. Kind of a driven Peter Murphy sound, more electronic, but with real instruments, catchy hooks and nice beats.

they were also mobbed by the media:

so i really didn't get to talk with them. i did talk to their merch guy, josh, for a while about how the tour was going.


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