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the japaneese music magazine BURN is doing an article on vitalij's new album. i'd sent them some photos and there's now cover buzz, so he came over last night and we did some shots with that in mind.

in news that's just as exciting, international fetish model kiwi stopped by after one of those all day long parties that she attends all the time, with the limos and the glitter cannons and the dancing on boxes and the plastic dresses and all. she picked up some photos we'd done before. now, months ago kiwi had given me a pasta maker, which we got out of the box and made perogies. we did. i didn't photograph them, i ate them. kiwi made some marvelous vegan sauce and grilled asparagus spears.

then vitalij fell asleep on the sofa.

one more photo

Tags: asparagus, cannibalism, london

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