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i haven't updated any publications in a long time, but this one's kind of worth it. i wrote the cover story in the november 2005 issue of Videomaker about Photoshop CS2, it also includes a little copy of the feisty and tatty mayfaire moon photo, well, two actually.

but that's not the good stuff. i also have a second article in this issue on movie distribution over broadband which i think is really good. i've been a big proponent for years of some type of video delivery over broadband, and had designed a sort of netflix-peer-to-peer model which i presented at the 2003 digital video expo at javitz. anyway, it's been months since i wrote this article, so i read it fresh when it showed up in the mailbox, and i must say that i think it's pretty good. i always say "run right out and buy it" -- but you might actually want to find this one in the borders, barns n' noble, or wherever and flip through it. it also has one of my fine photos in it. weird, i'd written this article and mentioned an old college buddy, lou pecsi, who was a horror movie makeup artist, and after the article had been accepted, freaking lou shows up at my door with The Absinthe Drinkers doing their horror movie makeup for a poster i was photographing. WEIRD! so i took a picture of them all and videomaker ran it with the article.

you can find it

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