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nerd points!

a couple weeks ago my phone rang and it was Stephen Karph, the 1970's monster movie maker who wrote Gargoyles and Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell, as well as the last four episodes of Kung Fu, and a whole mess of other things including the 1972 movie Rolling Man which he wrote for Elvis but apparantly none of the studios would take the risk so he went with Dennis Weaver instead. Anyway, he was interested in the collection of 1940's political recordings that I've been working on with Marston Records. Could he come down and talk about them? Sure. So today he dropped by and we went to the White Dog where I sort of talked about the audio collection, but he kept throwing me off by saying things like "Peter Sellers and I were trying to convince Harold Lloyd of this for years, but he'd never believe us." and "For about eight years, I shared a back fence with Buddy Hackett and one day, Groucho Marx, who was wearing a beanie, for some reason, was Bar-B-Q ing in Buddy's back yard, waving some sort of enormous bone in the air ...."

don't we look like stern, dangerous, horror movie fans? i get +1d5 geek points today.

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