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let's see how long this takes to get nicked for someone's icon...

i was invited to show at Rick Franne's gallery in wilmington on December 2nd. The cleverly themed and emminantly saleable show is entitled "angels". So yesterday i shot specifically for the show. (you're
all proud of me, i'm sure for getting out of bed on a friday evening when i still have unwatched episodes of "the dukes of hazard" on vhs).

(the lovely and weightless _antipathy_ rising)

i'm sure someone will correct my german which probably sounds like "The people who are called the romans they go that-a-way" (and if anybody wants to tell me that "god knows there are no angels" sounds better in their own language, feel free to let me know how to say it)

So while i cross the desolate but narrow wasteland between "fine art" and "selling out" (or in my case "completely unsaleable art" and "plain bad idea") i will say hello to Thomas Kincade for you and we will laugh over our mint julips from the front porches of our adjoining plantatations. I will buy a solid gold leica. Actually, i should get two. they get dinged up pretty easy. No doubt the walls will be cleared by holiday shoppers drunk on the seemingly never-ending angel binge. after the show, i fully expect that i will be on the cover of Art in America and People in the same week, after that my assistants will be really backed up signing autographs and the wait could be several weeks. If you want to get one, you'd better get your requests in quick so Sylvia and Melanie can jot down a personal message for you. We're thinking of going to an auto-pen soon; forging my name is taking up the bulk of their days.
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