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butternut what?

so ... a few years ago, i was at a reception and they had the most marvelous soup. i asked the waiter "can i have the recipie for this?" he stammered a minute and said "no. there is no recipie. we had two soups tonight, a butternut squash soup, and a potato leek soup, and, there was an accident unloading and both soup pots fell over, spilling most of the soup onto the ground. my boss decided to just pour what was left into one pot."

i remembered this story yesterday when i saw ye local fruit vendor had a butternut squash on his cart for $1.00. i bought it, split it in half, baked it for 40 minutes, scooped it out, mixed it with a few cups of stock that i made by boiling carrots, onions and celery, added five sauteed leeks, then tossed in a celery stalk, a carrot, a cooked potato, some salt and pepper, mixed it ye olde 1956 osterizer variable speed blender, (two mixtures, one finely pureed and one chunky) then topped it with some fresh leek, and sat down to watch the lance henrickson snooze fest "lost voyage".

at least the soup was good.

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