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i've gotten really behind in updating this kind of stuff, but i have two articles in this months "Videomaker" magazine. The basic training section (aptly titled "shoot yourself") and a feature on mpeg-2 encoding. the mpeg-2 encoding one (which i totally don't remember writing) is actually pretty funny. if you find yourself at the barns-n-noble with nothing to do for 15 minutes you might czek it out.

one more page cap

phil's been weatherproofing the house like a madman. last night he weatherstripped around the cats. and fixed that front closet door that never ever worked. it's good when he's bored.

oh, and i photographed bob mcchesney *

* That's Bob Mcchesney author of books like "Tragedy & Farce - how the American media sell wars, spin elections, and destroy democracy", not bob mcchesney the jazz trombonest.

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