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momcat sightings around here are a lot like bigfoot sightings -- you hope it's true, sometimes you think it happened, but all in all, you're never really sure. you'll be watching television and feel something shoot past your leg, or see a shape move out of the corner of your eye, or hear a noise when tatty and milla are both in the room with you.

well, this morning i had a close encounter of the second kind:

those appear to be momcat ears on the comfy chair.

three days ago we had a very good sighting -- momcat came up the stairs, turned to go into my room, saw me and shot down the hall, where phil was standing. the was stuck in the hallway between the two of us for about six or seven seconds and i got a pretty good look at her -- she's huge, she looks like a freaking raccoon -- she must have put on five pounds, she's huge. (all the better to kill me with, you say). she stood there for a moment and then shot down the stairs like a pudgy arrow.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it. i'll be telling it at the cryptozoologist Momcat Investigators meeting in perth amboy later this year.

hopefully the fur sample i got off the sofa isn't from a bison.
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