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what a long, strange, trip it's been....

Fans of the BBC may remember JGS Boggs from the doccumentary Money Man. Art fans may just know who he is. Fameous, or infamous, for his drawings which nearly exactly duplicate currency, though sometimes with subtle, humorous distinction, he's been dogged by the Secret Service who consider him a forger, his studio has been raided three times, gallery exhibits have been seized, and he's been jailed in at least three countries. It's not suprising that Dr. Brad, who teaches several courses at Penn on Value and Money was very excited when he heard that Boggs was coming to the Institute for Contemporary Arts to give a two day lecture series.

The lecture was fascinating -- about not just Bogg's own work and his trials and tribulations with the government, but also the more interesting question of his art, which is: what is money?. To be Marxian, money is labor, but it's also a non-interest bearing promisory note, an IOU. Money, paper money, used to be a proxy for gold, but that started to change in 1933 and completely changed in 1971. Who makes money? Who holds the other end of that promisory note? NOT as many (including myself) think, "the united states government", but rather the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation.

Well, in any event. After the lecture, Brad said "He would be a really cool person to hang out with." I agreed.

Thus began an epic, seven hour oddessy, which included a few very posh watering holes, a staggering amount of cash, a rap star, some Hunter S. Thompson craziness, and Phil getting an origional Bogg's drawn on his arm right before the bar fight.

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