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i always really liked about 1/3 of the songs on Sir Mix-A-Lot's first album Swass and listened to it pretty heavily in the early 90's and with occasional regularity since then. When Mack Daddy came out it was snatched by MTV on the basis of the single song "Baby's Got Back", which I figured was a novelty song and stopped paying any serious attention to him. Last week I decided to upgrade my copy of Swass to CD and found a deal used on both Swass and Mack Daddy -- so i bought them both. sweet barking cheese! mack daddy is fantastic. gone is the schizophrenic, ecclectic collection of songs that you can't possibly play back to back (like mix and Metal Church playing Iron Man right after the the hideous squeakyness of "Buttermilk Biscuits") and the jangly electronic repetitious ping of "posse's on broadway", and instead he picks a direction and goes. and this is a really good direction -- his lyrics remain witty and emminantly catchy, but gone is the bravado about cars and gold, instead Mix is talking about politics, racism, and why cocaine is a bad idea. he's still funny, but his humor has gotten more serious, darker and more sophisticated. that he's been listening to a lot of rock and metal is obvious (he lists both metallica and NIN as influences) -- many times it sounds like Origional Gangster, but with a smoother delivery.

i'm giving it four stars. and i never post music reviews.

anybody in seattle know what mix is doing right now? i think i need to photograph him for my book.

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