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does she want to eat me, or talk to me?

so, milla and i are sitting in the kitchen having some English Breakfast Tea (milla is actually eating a bean sprout). and momcat walks into the kitchen. about 3 minutes ago. she just sat in the middle of the floor and is staring at me.

me: "hey beautiful girl. how are you this morning? who's my baby? who's daddy's rainbow? who's my little sunshine? my little bug?"
her: "i wish i fit in. i wish i wasn't so scared. i want ... to be like the other cats"
milla: "hissss. you're on my property, but i don't have the energy to kick your ass. i'm going to sleep on the kitchen table. zzzzzzzzz."
tatty: "let's be friends! i'll teach you to hunt ghosts."

she just took a step closer to me and rubbed her head up against the wall like cats do when they want someone to scritch their heads.

she took a stp closer and stretched!

now she's three inches from tatty, rubbing her head up against the stove.

now she's sitting down. licking her toes.

me: "hey pretty girl. darling little momcat. good morning."
her: "i'm trusting you not to catch me and cut anything else out of my body. you babysnatcher. i'm only trusting you because i don't have a choice and it's lonely in the back of that closet."

she's sitting next to tatty looking up at me, about six feet away.

she just yawned.

isn't this exciting? aren't you all glad you're reading my journal now?

by way of apology, here's a photos of momcat and wiggles back when she really hated me:

note how tiny she used to be.
Tags: cannibalism, cats on a plane, momcat

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