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1) i made vegan peppersteak, setain from scratch too, it was very good, but i did not photograph it.
2) momcat slept on my bed again last night (jumping up there sometime after i went to bed) but continues to run from me like her tail is aflame. earlier in the evening she sat in milla's box and watched me read a book.
3) philfo built a fence in the back yard, trimmed three trash bags full of rose bush, de-caulked, re-caulked and grouted the tub, pruned the front ivy and pulled up two trash bags of dead leaves
4) the pink pistols are on the cover of the philly weekly
5) milla and i sat on the back porch and had breakfast. there were leeks involved, but i didn't authorize scooter libby to say anything.

6) philfo and i watched three DVD's of the FX show "Over There" right in a row -- it's fantastic.
7) i am reading henry thoreau's "Cape Cod" -- serene and brilliant. he understands "god" better than a thousand clerics.
8) milla wants me to ship her to the summer cottage, she's had enough of this madness.

that is all.
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