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howard has nine million guns

howard was one of the most interesting people i've met so far on this project. he isn't interested in hunting, he doesn't seem particularly concerned about self defense, but he is a meticulous history buff. he collects military rifles. and he has lots and lots and lots of them. the M1 carbine, for example, he told me was made during WWII by nine different manufacturers including IBM (yes, that IBM), the Rok-Ola jukebox company, Underwood (the typewriter company), and Quality Hardware. it only seems reasonable that you would need one of each.

he also has a collection of flintlocks and percussion cap rifles going back to the revolutionary war and the war of 1812.

the conversation was something like this:

phil: "is the the yurdlesquart vosenfpheffer?"
howard: "yes, in .37 calibur."
phil: "i ooh, so it's after 1921."
howard: "yes, you can tell from the fluted sights."
phil: "it's rare to see one with the parkerized flutes."
howard: "yes, because most of them were replaced in 1934 by the votlebut ramped whatnot."
phil: "but that made is to much more unreliable."
howard: "because they hadn't taken into consideration the floating barrel structure at the time."
phil: "but they fixed that with the lasenfphapple bolt carrier assembly."
howard: "i have one of those over here."

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