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sometimes i'm such a fanboi...


I think Detroit "Star-Lite" is one of the best songs that was ever written, and "the end of july" -- songs like "the truth" and "she turned your head" -- i'm astounded that things like that can come from one person -- with a poppy depth of emotion and the seemingly inevitable sadness of relationships on the rocks and this sort of heartfelt diary of beautiful things being broken; sometimes reminiscent of the best from "material issue" and "TPOH". and so, i'm left kind of dumbstruck whenever i see Elizabeth Elmore. it's sort of a brain-melting-to-sludge effect. i can't put a coherent sentence together around her. you know what it's like when you're like "hey, i'm going to be so cool," and your brain just says "no, i'm going to make an idiot out of you." -- it's like that.


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