February 20th, 2005

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this weekend was CRAZY. i definately made up for the two weeks of ABJECT SLACKING. first I photographed Hierosonic from Harrisburg, who came down friday night and stayed over at Hotel Dresden, then models at noon, and then i managed to get 20 minutes with Jennifer from Ayria before the show at Dracula's Ball. i'm really pleased with how they came out. she changed outfits faster than madonna, we got an hours worth of work into the time it takes to read a menu. show was great, the ball was great. _christylynn_ and i never manage to get out. this morning we slept till 9:30. it was crazy.

tonight i have to photograph a runway show. all i want to do is sleep. all day. sleep. but we're plastering the living room. and then i get to sand it.

i leave you with this shot of Jennifer -- i'm all about it.

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