March 10th, 2005

pleasant suprise

a year or so ago, i got an email from a magazine editor i'd worked with in 2001 -- scholastic books wanted to buy one of the photos i'd done for them to be used in a book about egypt.

Well, yesterday a package showed up in the mail with my photo of Dr. Zahi Hawass on page 7:

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last night i was planning on having some models over early -- around 8:30 it looked like they weren't going to show, so _christylynn_ and i got ready for bed & took a sleeping pill. then the doorbell rang. then i was photographing models. then the doorbell rang again, and it was dr. brad and officer steve, they had beer. the models when home. we drank beer. i went to bed late, i kept christy awake all night. i slept through the alarm. i didn't get to work until 8:15.....

one mo by request:

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so freakin CORAL called me! she's in town for a couple of days. i haven't seen her in ... a YEAR? maybe more. she and laura fe stopped by and we took a couple of photos.

and here's the first picture i took of her back in ... 1999 i think ... back when i was studying under Mary Ellen Mark and thought it was possible for me to become a doccumentary photographer. note how my work has changed. back then it was all about the truth, now it's all about the lie....

how i miss that girl when she's gone.
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