March 25th, 2005

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having recently discovered that _christylynn_ liked Thai food, I figured I'd start making it for her. Problem with me is that I have no idea how to make Thai food apart from having seen maybe a picture on a menu somewhere.

Usually, when I stop by the PP Asian Grocery on my way home from work, the woman behind the counter tries to guess what I'm making from what I buy. Then she always interjects something that I'm missing. Like, she'll look at my basket and say "You make spring roll?!" "Yes!" I answer. She'll shake her head sadly, as though I had announced I was going to make a pot roast out of cheese and mellon rinds, "You have no glass noodles!" she'll reply and run and grab a strange looking package with mysterious writing on it." "Soak in hot water, ten minutes." And throw it in my bag. So I'll put glass noodles in the spring rolls. It's always worked very well.

What I didn't realize is that curry is not a thing like, say, bbq sauce is a thing, or catsup is a thing. Perusing the selection at PP Asian, I was confronted with a bewildering array of currys of varying colors and consistencies. Some had more sugar than anything else, some had more chili. I ended up getting two. No comments from the woman at the counter as I carried up my best guess at what was in Pad Thai Curry.

So when _christylynn_ got home, she said "What's for dinner?" "Pad Thai Curry." I answered. "But there are noodles in that," she answered, "I'm not eating carbs."

Noodles? Pad Thai Curry has noodles? "Don't worry about that," I said, "I have it covered." and pushed her out of the kitchen. Noodles? I didn't even have any noodles. But I did have a mandolin. "I'll make low carb noodles out of carrots!" I thought, suddenly very pleased with myself. But while cutting carrots with the mandolin, I realised that I could make what looked like a squid. "How cool is that!" I thought, spending the next 20 minutes making carrot squids (If you had thought I grew up sometime in the past 20 years, you're sadly mistaken) while _christylynn_, upstairs watching Sharpes Seige, would occasionally bellow down "Hurry up! I'm hungry!" Well, eventually, Pad Thai Curry with shaved almonds and Carrot-noodle-squid.

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