April 16th, 2005

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tatty and i watching "it came from outer space"

_christylynn_ and i got this video tape a few weeks ago called "video catnip" it's just what you'd expect, only not as good as you'd expect. it's a half hour video of birds at a bird-feeder the production quality is hideous. and they put stupid music on it. but the cats to ape over it. they leap that the t.v. splatting up against it like hurled pancakes. they never get tired of it. but after that, they've taken a great interest in anything that's on the t.v. -- waiting for the birds to come back. they'll sit and watch a whole movie now hoping that there will be a bird in it.

they never understood what this thing did before and couldn't understand why we spent so much time in front of it.

now they know.
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    freaking "thistle & shamrock" someone turn that crap off!