April 19th, 2005

still sick

managed to get out of bed and get down to CVS for the "advil cold and sinus" which people tell me is a pannicea -- we shall see, i have one in my gut right now being broken down by concentrated hydrocloric acids. i replaced the two trash cans we had stolen last week and spray painted "stolen from:" on them with our address. see if that works. i'm going to sit in the sun room and drink some tea with the cats.

drew worked on one of my photos of jennifer. i leave you with it.

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darwin hard at work

so i'm laying on the sofa in the sun room, fighting off this cold and trying to get some work done, when some goofball on a huge, loud, racing motorcycle zooms past, you know the guy, early 20's, needs an 1100 cc bike for city riding, likes to see if he can get to 70 before the end of the block, no helmet, no jacket, no gloves, jeans and a t-shirt are all the safety equipment he needs kinda guy. as a motorcyclist myself, i have no patience for this (we call them "squids" -- i don't know why exactly) he tears past the house probably doing 50, i look up, because it's so loud and think: "that bozo's going to get in an accident driving like that." and wouldn't you know it, about two seconds later i hear this "CRUNCH", like someone stepped on a soda can. i grabbed the telephone and ran outside, and sure enough, he'd run right smack into a car. i dialled 911. rescue was there in 30 seconds.

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