April 20th, 2005

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1ear's back. i don't know where her kittens are. but she's been on the back porch for the past couple of days. i was able to get about three feet away from her. she's a mess. her tongue hangs out all the time, which makes me think she's probably missing a lot of teeth, and her fur is messed up like she's been in fights. even if i could catch her, i wonder if she'd ever live inside. neither mr. hugs nor scruch liked being inside at first. they were both freaked out by it, but they got over it.

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You won't get this quality at Cortina's!

the pizza at Cortina's Italian Market and Pizzeria must really suck, because on the myspage page for their workers (past and present) they're using a photo of one of my pizzas. note barfing frog tea-kettle in the background. mmm ... barfing frog .....

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