April 28th, 2005

goddamn bands....

so ... i never use myspace, except to add people who ask. anyway, two days ago, i got a friend request from a band called "the outfit", they're out of seattle. but i don't recognize them. so i send them a message asking "do we know each other?" and today they write back saying "no, we're just trying to get people to come to our show in june."

from !@#$@#$ing SEATTLE. i wouldn't go to seattle to see a show if the beatles were getting back together. there is no place in the contental united states farther away from me than seattle. so i'm guessing there's some way to friend request ten million people at once.

is there a way to stop this? or should i just delete my goddamn myspace account? i'm getting at least two of these a week. the cam whores i don't mind, they at least have nice pix on their profiles. but these freakin' emo bands from toledo are driving me nuts.

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    black sabbath


i love this battered little girl

she's spending all her time on my back porch and has been letting me get about two feet from her lately. it would make me really happy if she could live out the rest of her years as an indoor cat with someone to take care of her.

really. and by someone, i mean me.