May 12th, 2005

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look who let me scratch her head yesterday!

it's been a year of trying. she wasn't really into it, but she didn't run away.

i've been sitting outside as much as possible and just hanging out with her. this morning i had breakfast out there while she ate.

i used to sit in the sun room and have breakfast with the girls and mr. hugs.

many of you are probably wondering "when will he get back to posting photos...."
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    dresden dolls: the jeep song

there's a moon in the sky, it's called the moon!

we saw the moon while we were walking back from the drug store. it hung there in the black sky like the stain a sweating beer can leaves on your new honduran mahogony end table -- sharp and indellible. "Let's photograph it," she said.

go outside, look up at the moon, and remind yourself that there's stuff on it, that people from earth left there. wonder who's going to be the next person to see that stuff and will you be alive when it happens.

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