May 25th, 2005

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"what's for dinner?" bellowed _christylynn_.

"i have made you a most excellent soup!" i said proudly, ladling a bowl of steaming goodness into our most festive tureen.

"i'm not eating that," she said.

"why not? it has vegetables! and a delicious stock!"

"you know all about the poisons that leave no trace. i'm not touching that with a ten foot pole."

"it contains tasty bits of cruelty free soy chicken! no animals were hurt in the making of this soup!"

"the soy chicken is poisoned! you're trying to murder me."

"it has zucchini's! and carrots! and tender button mushrooms!"

"get out of my way," she said, angling past, "i'm making my own dinner. one that won't kill me."

so milla and i ate soup alone.

it was very tasty.

then we (milla and i) watched "the ring virus" -- the korean remake of ringu in the worst possible way. the movie was available in three formats:

DTS 5.1 surround in korean with simplified chineese subtitles
mono dubbed in mandarin with cantonese subtitles
mono dubbed in cantonese with english and mandarin subtitles

so we watched a dubbed movie, in mono, in a language we didnt understand, reading the lower set of subtitles.

all in all, "the ring virus" was not a bad movie. it is a fairly faithful adaptation of the book "the ring" though the names have been changed to korean ones and main character is changed from a man to a single mother (as in all of the movie versions) and the "saddako" character has some minor revisions in her employment and who actually killed her.
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christy's been eating some weird grain. millet seed or something. i forget already. anyway, i made her some pecan banana bread on monday night. i'd been working on a banana bread recipie for ... two years? three years? and i can't find the paper that my notes were written on. gone. so this was from memory.

then i ate it all.
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