July 14th, 2005

finally ...

i have an article in the june 12th issue of the Beruit Daily Star -- if any of your are in Lebanon at the moment pick me up a copy, all they send me are .pdf's.... for some odd reason, they didn't use my great photos of zahi. or ask me for one of my great photos of the pyramids .... oh well.

click the image to download the .pdf.
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R.I.P. Wiggles the Explorer

I got home yesterday evening to find that one of the kittens, Wiggles the Explorer, had died of unknown causes. He'd always been crawling around, away from his siblings and mother -- hence his name always looking for something. As _christylynn_ so aptly put it: "He died searching for the sea." He was only eight days old, but he was my favorite. We had a little funeral for him in the front yard.
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