July 29th, 2005

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party went splendidly. i think everybody had a great time, there were many many people there. everybody made it out by 12:00 -- philfo & i stayed up talking till about 2:15 -- way late for me -- went to bed but just couldn't fall asleep -- finally sleep came around 5:00, just enough for the alarm to go off an hour and a half later. got up, brushed the teeth, made tea, cleaned up the kitchen, off to work.

i really didn't take many party pictures last night. i just ate. 2 veggie burgers, two ears of corn, some chips and guac .... mmmm .... mario did all the cooking.

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i've been getting a LOT of mail lately asking that i teach people to levitate. this one from last night is very typical:

"can i learn from u how to levitate? i need to know this desperately. i will pay you. i need to learn to levitate myself, or others, or even small objects. anything. i need to know this. i need to know this. i need to know this secret. will you please teach me how do do this? i swear on the life of my mother that your secret will die with me. please please please please please tell me how to do this."

i'd always gotten a trickle of email about the Repulsed By The Earth project, but in the past three days it's just gotten out of control.

then i discovered that if you do a google image search for "levitate", the first thing that comes up is a picture of meagan floating in my kitchen