August 19th, 2005

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Okay, i never post movie reviews here -- i figure you get that from enough people. but last night i watched Primer, and indi sort-of sci-fi flick about two guys with a cottage industry building computer components in their garage. bored by soldering and envelope stuffing, they take on a slightly more ambitious project, meet with some sucess, and then try and develop a use for their new invention. but the more they use it, the more they discover that it has completely unintended properties, many of which they can only begin to understand. what i liked about this movie was the gritty reality of the acting, pared with a real no-nonsense approach (in fact, the movie was so lo budget, they shot it at a ratio of nearly 1:1, when film is your most expensive component, you rehearse a lot.

the dialogue is filled with scientific jargon, but meticulous like james cameron's detail on the Titanic, all of the scientific jargon is relevant. if you liked Pi you will very much like Primer this movie is what i was hoping to see when watched Pi.

Be prepared to hang onto the DVD for a while. It's one of those Donnie Darko type movies where you'll want to go back and watch it again after it's over. and then you'll probably want to watch it again, and by then, maybe you'll have figured it out and will want to have another pass to pick up on the clues.

and in other news, i got the card they made of my photo for miram's show in the mail today

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