August 25th, 2005


i just got a new ergonomic keyboard from that splits the keys in half and places them vertically, sort of like you're typing on the sides of a box -- my hands feel great this way, no pain, but the @#$@#$ers MOVED the @#$@#$ing right slash key, which is a very useful key for @#$@#$ing typing path names. which means every time i want to type a \ i have to twist my head around to the side of this box and freaking find they key in its clever new home (which incidentally is nowhere near it's old home). remember people, IBM decides where the keys go. you people just shut up and copy the layout exactly.

it is now a serious pain in the butt to post photos.

its been a while since i posted my breakfast. last time i was posting whatever i made for breakfast for like a week and i was getting these emails like "dude, i friended you because i thought you'd spill some secrets about the dresden dolls or post photos of brainclaw playing golf, but i can't take all these pictures of your freaking food!"

these potatoes were pretty yummy.

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my typing speed has been reduced to that of a 70 year old man.

in any event, this email just arrived:

"I do not know who the dresdan dolls are or who brainclaw golf is but there better be a kitten picture on your page in the next 24 hours if you want me on your friends list. I am not in your country."

well. since i really pissed off that person from romania last week, i guess i'd better do something to repair america's reputation in the world.

i also got an ergonomic mouse which feels great, but it's the size of a box of Kleenex. if i move it three centimeters i'm off the mouse pad and dancing out in the the hinterlands of space. I can't wait to start doing image editing like this. sweet barking cheese.™

in other news, i got a haircut.