August 27th, 2005

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momcat does not exactly hate me. but she eyes me with great suspicion.

i finished two articles today, still one to go.

every time i start to work i realize something needs doing, cats fed, roombah sent out on it's little cleaning quest, hammer purchased, light fixture installed, soap replaced, some room or other cleaned, trash taken out, etc. it's positively distracting. but it could be worse -- for years i wanted to write and nobody would pay me to do it. so i don't know what i'm complaining about. things are pretty good here.

i think i may take a break and play with wiggles and watch "the eye II".

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i get lots of email about letters from bucharest, some good, some bad, but not many that are memorable. the one i posted last week was particularly excoriating, that was pretty memorable, and this one just showed up in my mailbox last night:

"I am Romanian and just wanted to congratulate you on almost making me cry when I read your travel log. You are a very sensitive , sharp mided artistic person and you discovered indeed this savage, tragical beauty of Romania that many of us - the native Romanians, I mean, simply ignore it.

It's not like we lost our soul; we've simply forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me again what a beautiful country I have. I hope someday you will come back here. Things haven't changed pretty much since you wrote that travel log. We still have children inhaling aurolac, with dirty hands but angels hearts, we still have corruption but yet we still have beauty, we still eat lots of pork, we still listen to that loud music, your country is still invading ours by movies, fast food, jeans, anything that can be sold our bought...

I don't expect you to answer this email. Just please receive my best
regards, my congratulations and...keep up the good work!


Don't that just make my morning? Someone gets it. GO TO ROMANIA PEOPLE. It's beautiful. It will change your life.

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