September 12th, 2005

portrait of ron sexsmith

so, i did this portrait of Ron Sexsmith last night. and i was thinking "ron and i don't really have much of a musical intersection. this could be awkward." then he said "my favorite singer is bing crosby" and i said "i collect bing crosby 78 rpm's to play on my victrola. and he said "so do i!" things were fine after that.

his music is kind of like the soundtrack to a movie where a giant 66 cadillac pulls across the gravel of a sleepy gas station and a guy sitting on the porch says "howdy stranger." and the guy in the car gets out, looks around, spits on the ground, runs his hands across the lapels of his shark skin suit, kicks his cowboy boot into the dirt and says "i'm lookin fer a gurl that done run out on me." and the guy on the porch rocks back and says "hell stranger, why ya lookin fur one that run out heyah? nobody runs heyah." and the guy in the car says "i'll just get some gas." and the guy on the porch says "ain't got no gas. just meatloaf."