September 21st, 2005


is rilo kiley emo? am i allowed to like them? shakey? somebody? oh, and here's addrianne, before she drowned my studio.
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    rilo kiley: portions for fones

wiggles need to find a home, together

okay. it's time for wiggles to leave the nest. much as i hate to say it. but there's a new condition that makes things more difficult. i want to find them a home together. i had planned on sending them to seperate homes, and there are plenty of people who would take one, but ... they're inseperable, i've realized that over the past few weeks as i find them asleep together in hats, bags, and shoes and watching them jump and play together. i'm going to keep momcat because nobody loves her and i don't think anybody ever will, but she can stay under my sofa hissing and blazing laser hate at me and i know she'll be better off than if she were outside in the rain.

so. i'm now accepting applications. email me if you'd be interested in feeding and housing the wiggles. it's a big commitment. but they're full of love.

special consideration to people who live close enough by that i can vist.


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    sad but happy for wiggles