October 11th, 2005

you'll never guess ...

really. so, guess who sat on my lap last night and watched "the ring 2"? (which = teh suck, if you were waiting for a review) guess who let me pick her up and carry her around? guess who rolled over on her back and let me rub her belly? guess who purred like a machine and drooled like an old lady while i scratched her round little head? guess who kept running around me in circles of joy? guess who sleeps on the sofa like the most content, fat, lazy, basset hound you've ever seen?

if you guessed 1ear, my favorite expecting mother, then you win the prize. she's turned into the friendliest cat in the house. way more affectionate than milla or tatty. i need some west philly fotografer to stop by and take a portrait of us so you can see how awesome we are together.

1ear is no longer sad. she is now the happiest cat in the hood. sometimes all it takes is a little love offered. in other news momcat still hates me.
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