October 18th, 2005

last night i did nothing to increase the value of the world

i believe that every day that you're on earth, the planet should be the richer for having you on it, spinning through space, breathing her air ... last night was one of those times that i could have been in a coma and history wouldn't have been any better or worse off. i had great plans to work on some writing, sock away that much more of the great american novel, but, ultimately i did nothing but sit around in my pajamas and watch Blood Gnome with Yags and 1ear. Yeah, I really watched Blood Gnome. tatty was positively ululant on the other side of the door so i spent some time in the kitchen experimenting with another recipie I've been poking around at lately for the cookbook that probably never will be, but occasionally amuses me and i had to eat anyway. tatty was happy the whole time and kept wanting to get on my shoulder so she could jump up on top of the fridge -- even though she'd just checked it for ghosts 20 minutes before...

i guess there are just days when you have to ask the planet to give you a bye till the next time you're useful.

anyway this morning, 1ear was feeling very lively and plesant which made me feel less like a layabout. we sat around in the breakfast room and watched the sun come up. she purred, i scratched.

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today, my dear planet earth, i will be more valuable, i promise. thanks for this time.