December 7th, 2005

i know you're all here to see what i eat for breakfast.

so i tried Lunesta last night -- it wasn't the miracle drug i'd been hoping for -- i too 2 mg's and it still took me an hour to fall asleep, but i found my mind wasn't racing so much, i was able to just ... lay there. usually i can't stop planning things, turning on the light, writing some nonsense down in my journal, leaping up to try and find a passage in some book i'd read nine years ago, checking to make sure the alarm clock is set, etc. i also woke up twice, once at 2:30 and once at 4:44 -- but i don't recall being up for very long.

i woke up when i was supposed to (5:00) and listend to the bbc for a while. then i got up and figured i'd have a go at coming up with a vegan omlette. it wasn't bad. in fact, it was pretty good. next time i'm going to try sesame oil in it, and i think i'd like to try and come up with some way of making it stick together better.