December 20th, 2005

my ipod is a cat

my ipod is a cat.

for the past couple of months i've been tooling around with the idea of getting an ipod. i don't want to be the last person on earth to have one. but momcat's vet bill was pretty much exactly as much as a 60 gig ipod, which nixed that idea. i'll have to teach her to sing Ronnie Dio songs.

Not much momcat news. I haven't seen her since she got back from the vets. she's FIV/FLV negative, had earmites and roundworms, got spayed and revolutionized and distempered. (vet notes say "bring her back in a year for another shot -- yeah right") she came home really groggy and i reached in the cage and petted her and scratched her little head for about 30 minutes -- i couldn't tell if she was purring or growling, but she just laid there making some kind of noise which could be either. i optomistically thought of it as purring. i took the rental car back and came back about 15 minutes later but she'd crawled out of the cage and wedged herself under one of the radiators in a space i didn't think you could fit a beer can. i put her pain meds in a can of wet food and she ate a little scoop out of the top (including the pain meds) but didn't touch any of the other food/med combos (the cats on the back porch got a nice dose of kitty percoset along with their free can the next day) even the one in kitten milk, which is her favorite food. she has been slowly chowing down on her dry food though. it vanishes a little every day and appears, mysteriously, in the litter box.

i spent some time on sunday looking for her with a flashlight but didn't see her and didn't feel like turning the place apart to bother her. her secret hiding space is, for the moment, safe.

i've been getting a lot of anonymous email from "whydoyouhatecats" and "iammomcat" saying that i'm being cruel to her and that they're going to report me to the spca. anyhoo, if that's you and you think you can do a better job with her, you're welcome to try. drop me a real email -- i suspect she'll hate you too. i must say i really don't understand your anger -- anonymous people -- she was living under a bush. now she has a whole house, indoors, heat, and as much food and cat milk as she can gorge herself with. sure she hates me, but i think when she lived outside she probably hated dogs and children....

in any event ....

i don't really know what a potatoe latke is. but my friend stephen described it to me while we were painting his ceiling on saturday and this morning i thought "hey, i have potatoes, and onions, and even leeks -- they might not be latkes, but they were tasty.
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