December 25th, 2005

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my friend mark came up to visit me today. he lives in delaware. i haven't seen him in about five years. when he came into the room he said "wow, your hair is shorter and you got pudgy."

mark's a chess genius. the kind of person who can't remember to put his shoes on before he leaves the house, will constantly turn the water on and off and on and off in the sink, but will sack all of his pieces untill he is left with only a knight and bishop and then checkmate you with that because he finds it more challenging. His eccentricities have gotten him banned from his family's xmas get-to-gethers leaving him with nothing to do. sadly, they don't appreciate or understand him.

i'm rated 1550 and he beat me in 17 moves, granted, it was speed chess.

everybody, this is mark.

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he doesn't say "checkmate" he says "thank you". then when he recounts it to other people he says "oh, he was beating me and then he threw the game. he threw the game!" he's the kindest soul i've ever met.
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