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i'm not lying...

momcat and tatty are friends.

i set my alarm for 4:45 again, got up, made breakfast and watched a wess craven film called "red eye" -- which was pretty good, most likely better than the current jodie foster blockbuster with 5 or 10x the budget. plot somewhat very similar to the johnny depp study in mediocrity "nick of time".

there's something really marvelous about these hours of the day where the sun is just creeping up and the only people awake are lonely DJ's, cops, directory assistance operators, and sobering revelers creeping home from nights that turned to days before they ended.

gave meatball her medicine & some kitten milk, played with her a bit. she now has a fuzzy patch of hair where her wound was/is. it's closed up completely though it feels leathery and i suspect her neck may always be a bit wierd as a reminder of the love between dogs and kittens and the sad unworthyness of many humans to serve as companions and caregivers for either of them.

i'm reading this terriffic indie book / zine called "on subbing: the first four years" by Dave Roche (ISBN 0-9726967-S-X) about his life as a full substitute teacher in special ed schools. presented as a diary, it's at the same time sad, uplifting, and hysterically funny. an excerpt:

November 3: Newton Elementary School
Some kids got busted for trying to write dirty words during reading. One wrote "dum bisc," which the teacher and I assumed was "dumb bitch". the other kid wrote "eugle ass mothe fouche." The working theory is that the first word is "ugly". I suggested they should write it correctly 100 times and have their parents sign it. The teacher thought I was joking. Later there was an assembly on building character led by Ronald Mcdonald. I spent the next hour with my jaw clenched and my fist balled up.

my goals for this morning:

1) i'd like to make my neighborhood a more beautiful place
2) i'd like to encourage someone to go to europe this summer

momcat and tatty just came into the kitchen. they're looking at me.

people always ask me what point and shoot camera they should get. i never know. but i just bought a casio z55 after much research. so far so good.
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